Updates on team expansion, our roadmap, and more!

🙌Team Expansion

  • Yearn vaults are now live within our interface!
  • Upgraded and more secure development process stack.
  • [done] Yearn v1 vaults: 3CRV, crvBUSD, yCRV, crvCOMP, crvSBTC;
  • [in progress] Yearn v2 vaults integration;
  • [done] Curve LP tokens corresponding to…

ADEL<>AKRO Swap: A Recap

  • The original idea behind ADEL was to distribute it to Delphi users to incentivise governance and promote a community-governed product;
  • AKRO had always been the project’s main token and ADEL was initially designed to be the native governance token for Delphi only (Delphi was not on the original Akropolis roadmap). …

  1. Hack Compensation Plan
  2. yEarn merger: a re-cap
  3. yEarn merger: post-merger AKRO tokenomics
  4. AKRO<>ADEL swap: motivation
  5. AKRO<>ADEL swap: why does this decision not qualify for a governance vote.
  • yEarn team has set up an…

Key Highlights

1-Minute Summary

  • [done] Governance launch on snapshot.page is live;
  • [done] APY issues fixed, checks and balances being developed;
  • [done] Updated roadmap with dependencies. Check it out here;
  • [done] Insurance enabled: Delphi contracts added to NexusMutual — you can now insure Delphi smart contract risk.
  • [done] AKRO/ADEL value accrual model, currently under review. Separate update to follow
  • [in progress] Nexus Mutual shield…

A re-cap:

  • The Delphi idea was born in June 2020 (~3 months ago), when we were invited to the IDEO Product Validation Day. In less than a week we prepared the first prototype — a pool aggregator with a unique dollar-cost averaging feature.
  • Since Delphi’s initial inception, we got a lot of positive feedback — so we decided to give Delphi a “go” and continue building it out.
  • We have expanded functionality as per community feedback to include the ability to yield farm,dollar-cost averaging (DCA) into liquidity pools instead of individual assets, allocating to pools in one click, etc.
  • Due to the…

  • Setting up & upgrading contracts to include AKRO & ADEL rewards;
  • Setting up & adding Curve renBTC pool to mainnet;
  • Adding RenVM widget to UI for native BTC deposits/withdrawals;

Week 2 retrospective:

  • We successfully filled the $20mn TVL cap on TVL. That was the second TVL cap increase in our guarded launch approach;
  • Opened Curve bUSD & sUSD & Y pools to the public after testing. Status: audited by Certik, pending another audit.
  • Started testing new pools — Aave bUSD & Aave sUSD pools. Status: unaudited.
  • ADEL staking pool went live as…


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