Hello everyone, we are happy to share the long-awaited details of ADEL>AKRO voluntary swap!

Outlined below is a brief recap of the rationale behind the swap and details surrounding the swap specifics. For a more in-depth summary of the motivation behind the swap please refer to our January Update.

Everyone can begin swapping their ADEL>AKRO! Please read the “Swap Details” section and follow the “Swap Instructions” section if you would like to swap your ADEL for AKRO. …

One of the most requested community updates of the month is here:

  • Yearn vaults are now live within our interface!
  • Upgraded and more secure development process stack.

We have revised our development processes with the help of the leading security teams at Consensys Diligence, Sertora, Trail of Bits (See Process Update below), upgraded the platform architecture and are ready to present Akropolis v1.0:

— New VaultSavings module implemented within the framework of the new architecture.

  • [done] Yearn v1 vaults: 3CRV, crvBUSD, yCRV, crvCOMP, crvSBTC;
  • [in progress] Yearn v2 vaults integration;

— Deposits & withdrawals

  • [done] Curve LP tokens corresponding to…

Dear Akropolis Community,

The purpose of this update is to share further details on the swap process, hack compensation & other updates connected to both AKRO & ADEL.

ADEL<>AKRO Swap: A Recap


  • The original idea behind ADEL was to distribute it to Delphi users to incentivise governance and promote a community-governed product;
  • AKRO had always been the project’s main token and ADEL was initially designed to be the native governance token for Delphi only (Delphi was not on the original Akropolis roadmap). …

Hello everyone! This article is meant to be a recap of the recent AMA and provides some clarification regarding the proposed ADEL<>AKRO token merger. First, here is a summary of the AMA. Please take your time and read it carefully. It is a long-read as we wanted to address as many of your questions as possible. It covers 5 main groups:

  1. Hack Compensation Plan
  2. yEarn merger: a re-cap
  3. yEarn merger: post-merger AKRO tokenomics
  4. AKRO<>ADEL swap: motivation
  5. AKRO<>ADEL swap: why does this decision not qualify for a governance vote.

Let’s kick off.

Hack Compensation Plan

  • yEarn team has set up an…

“The contributors at Yearn and Akropolis join forces to capitalize on each other’s strengths and to enable each team to specialize further and focus on what they do best. Yearn will continue to develop best-in-class Vault and Lending protocol solutions. Akropolis becomes the exclusive front-of-house institutional service provider of these, offering bespoke access to their network of clients, with investment strategies tailored specifically to them.”

Similarly to the precedent with Pickle, this does not require token-holder governance approval as it is two open-source networks combining their efforts.

Key Highlights

Mergers in DeFi space are a bit of a misnomer. Below are the…

Initial Delphi governance launch, development progress & updates, roadmap, community and so on — read the update in full to stay up to date with all things Delphi! Also, do check out the previous update — it was an important one.

1-Minute Summary

  • [done] Governance launch on snapshot.page is live;
  • [done] APY issues fixed, checks and balances being developed;
  • [done] Updated roadmap with dependencies. Check it out here;
  • [done] Insurance enabled: Delphi contracts added to NexusMutual — you can now insure Delphi smart contract risk.
  • [done] AKRO/ADEL value accrual model, currently under review. Separate update to follow
  • [in progress] Nexus Mutual shield…

A re-cap:

  • The Delphi idea was born in June 2020 (~3 months ago), when we were invited to the IDEO Product Validation Day. In less than a week we prepared the first prototype — a pool aggregator with a unique dollar-cost averaging feature.
  • Since Delphi’s initial inception, we got a lot of positive feedback — so we decided to give Delphi a “go” and continue building it out.
  • We have expanded functionality as per community feedback to include the ability to yield farm,dollar-cost averaging (DCA) into liquidity pools instead of individual assets, allocating to pools in one click, etc.
  • Due to the…

Dear Akropolis community,

Today we have been conducting scheduled contracts & UI/UX upgrades, including:

  • Setting up & upgrading contracts to include AKRO & ADEL rewards;
  • Setting up & adding Curve renBTC pool to mainnet;
  • Adding RenVM widget to UI for native BTC deposits/withdrawals;

Happy Wednesday all!

Another week has passed — and what a week it was! $ADEL total supply is now two times less — we posted an announcement about it earlier this week, and here is the proof of burn transaction.

Week 2 retrospective:

  • We successfully filled the $20mn TVL cap on TVL. That was the second TVL cap increase in our guarded launch approach;
  • Opened Curve bUSD & sUSD & Y pools to the public after testing. Status: audited by Certik, pending another audit.
  • Started testing new pools — Aave bUSD & Aave sUSD pools. Status: unaudited.
  • ADEL staking pool went live as…

High-level summary:

  • Burn 50% of ADEL supply — this won’t affect distributions to date
  • Current LM epoch: extended to Wednesday, September 9
  • Ability to claim rewards from UI: coming on Wednesday for next epochs
  • Individual caps removed for AKRO & ADEL staking
  • More LM updates and cap reviews coming soon

We distributed ADEL and the market has spoken. As of today, the total diluted value of $ADEL sits at a staggering ~$150M valuation with a token value of ~$2.40.

Recent events in the DeFi space have highlighted that a community governance token is only as strong as the community members and their…


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